Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering:

Maintenance can be defined as a combination of all technical, administrative, and managerial actions during the life cycle of an asset intended to retain it in, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform the required function.  Maintenance is to ensure a unit is fit for purpose, with maximum availability at minimum costs.

Maintenance Engineering is the discipline and profession of applying engineering concepts to the optimization of equipment, procedures, and departmental budgets to achieve better maintainability, reliability, and availability of equipment.

As systems, machines, and infrastructure become more complex, there is an increased need to apply maintenance engineering practices to keep physical assets running smoothly and efficiently.

What are the principle maintenance engineering practice areas:

Work Management including planning and scheduling

Cost estimating
Preventive maintenance
Predictive maintenance
Corrective maintenance
Overhauls and refurbishments
Spare parts forecasting and storeroom management
Maintenance metrics
maintenance budgets
Work sampling studies
Skill development and training

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