Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring:

In an organization, various employee development programs are undertaken, so as to raise their level of performance. We provide a coaching and mentoring program focused on improving an employees knowledge and expertise in the discipline of Maintenance Engineering and Reliability Management.

While coaching is the process of training and supervising a person to better their performance. On the other hand, mentoring refers to the counseling process carried on to guide and support a person for his career development.

Coaching is an on-the-job management development program, that occurs between an employee and his immediate line manager, or in this case a “coach” for a specific and short-term purpose, to improve their  performance and develop skills. Conversely, Mentoring is a career development initiative taken by the management, in which an experienced person guides and motivates a less experienced one, in gaining competencies for professional development.

We at Vilas international can provide both approaches for the development of your professionals.

Coaching Approach:

Coaching is a capacity development process, in which an individual (or group) learns to improve their performances through workshops, seminars, and other similar activities. In this process, we provide an expert to give training to the employees and analyze their performances and other job behaviors for the purpose of increasing efficiency and identifying training needs for further improvement. Coaching is time bound and well planned.

Our Coaching process is broken down into the following steps:

  • Contracting
  • Assessment
  • Feedback and Action Plan
  • Active Learning
  • Review

Mentoring Approach:

Mentoring is a human development activity, in which a person known as a mentor, who possesses knowledge and experience and shares it with another person called a mentee who has less knowledge and expertise in order to help him in the development of his career, enhancing productivity, etc. It is all about general development and psychological well-being of a person. Mentoring can be provided either by a person outside the organization or an individual who is within the organization.

Our mentoring approach works as follows: we provide a Senior Level professional to act as mentor  to provide encouragement, insight, and counseling to the mentee for the development of his career. The relationship between the parties is considered as mentorship, which is a long-term informal one. The mentor may assume the role of teacher, guide, adviser, consultant, host, counselor, etc. in the course of the relationship. The mentoring process is to provide open and face to face communication between the mentor and mentee to help an employee to attain  maturity and effectiveness in his professional discipline.

Our Mentoring Process:

1.Identify the mentees goals and objectives
2.Establish time horizon
3.Find the gaps which need closing or improvement
4.Shape the goals for clarity
5.Establish accountability
6.Provide feedback and suggestions for improvement