Audits and Assessments

Audits and Assessments

When starting  a maintenance and reliability improvement journey, it can be difficult to know where to start. It’s very important to understand where you are as an organization – to understand your current reality. Maybe you have already started on your journey, and want to know how you are stacking up to your goals? Let Vilas International help. We offer an outside and structured view of your organization taken through our experienced lens with our audit and assessment services.

What’s the difference between Audit and Assessment?

An audit and an assessment are very similar, so how do you know which one you need? The answer depends on the purpose of the review and how the results are to be used.

Generally, the purpose of an assessment is to review current organizational practices and look for opportunities for improvement.   It usually measures against industry best practices or the ideal state. The purpose of an audit is more pointed and focused on compliance. An audit also measures the current reality, but it then compares it against a specific standard.  It could be a company standard, industry standard or certifying body standard. This will illuminate specific gaps that should be corrected.

Our Services:

Maintenance and Reliability Assessments and Audits:

  • Self assessment (virtual)
  • E – Assessment (virtual)
  • Desktop Assessment ((virtual)
  • ISO 55000 readiness assessment (onsite & virtual)
  • Comprehensive Maintenance and Reliability Assessment (onsite & virtual))
  • Third party auditors using client standards (onsite)

Physical Security:

  • Physical Security Audit (onsite)
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (onsite – contact us about capabilities)

We can customize our audits and assessments to fit client needs and requirements.  Contact us for more information.